Putting children on a path to lifelong learning—starting early.

By the time they turn 6, 90% of children’s brain development has already occurred.* So the right experiences at this early age are absolutely vital. Yet Indian preschools too often rely on teaching styles and tasks that aren’t appropriate for the youngest learners, leaving children unprepared for school and beyond.

To nourish hungry little minds at this critical moment, there’s Sesame Street Preschools: child-centered, pre-primary education for ages 2 to 5. Our preschools bring together highly trained teachers, fun, collaborative projects, and a colorful environment that activates learning—enlivened by the lovable characters of Sesame Street and India’s own Galli Galli Sim Sim.

We’re ushering in a new generation of global citizens with the confidence, skills and cultural awareness they’ll need to thrive. That means nurturing children with lessons about growing up happy and healthy, as well as academics. Our curriculum spans six key areas of early childhood development—cognition, language, social, emotional, physical and cultural diversity—in line with India’s National Curriculum Framework.

To make our school experience as effective as we can, we rely on intensive research and input from education and child development experts. The result? Learning that is sound, engaging and relevant—and unbelievably fun. It’s an approach that’s helped Sesame Street become the world’s largest educator of children.

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*Ramey, C., & Ramey, S. (1998). Early intervention and early experience. American Psychologist, 53, 109-120.

To learn more about Preschool or Afterschool enrollment, contact us at info_india@sesame.org

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