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Sesame Street Preschool represents a new paradigm for India, based on the approach that’s made Sesame Street an icon of engaging education.

We put the child at the center of everything we do. We believe all children have unique potential that should be encouraged. And we know that for children to excel in today’s complex and technology-driven world, they need a new set of skills—social and emotional, in addition to academic.

Our programmes introduce concepts not as stand-alone subjects but as a wealth of interconnected knowledge. When different streams of learning are taught together, children make more connections—multiplying the benefits to their education. With this interdisciplinary foundation, children grasp advanced concepts faster at the school level.

in school and beyond

We understand that learning from school must continue at home. A plethora of resources extend learning to the home – from our acclaimed television show Galli Galli Sim Sim, our award-winning website. Specific materials and parent guides are aimed at providing the necessary 360 degree experience to each Sesame Street Preschool family.

So explore the fun and educational world of Sesame Street, anytime, anywhere!